Serangeli Farewells of Napoleon and Alexander after the peace of Tilsitt 9 July 1807

Conference: 215th anniversary of the Tilsit Peace

1 August 2022

The conference was dedicated to the 215th anniversary of the establishment of peace between Napoleonic France and the Russian Empire, adding to the series of events, exhibitions and conferences held in other cities. The speakers' reports reflected, among other things, the role of Russian diplomacy in the negotiations at Tilsit. Questions of culture, everyday life, fashion and lifestyle were posed in the context of the main characters of this historical event: Queen Louise of Prussia, Alexander I and Napoleon I.

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Europeana exhibition

4 May 2022

On Thursday 5 May 2022, the first Europeana online exhibition, 'Napoleon and 19th century town planning', will be launched. As part of the European Destination Napoleon Week.

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