Lucca: discovering European wines in the footsteps of Destination Napoleon and Iter Vitis

The Lucca Gustosa gastronomic fair was held in Lucca, Italy, on 23 and 24 March 2024..

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Destination NapoleonCultural Itinerary of the Council of Europe founded by Charles Bonaparte in 2004, including the town of Lucca is a member and Vice-Chairman for Italy, and Iter Vitis - The Vine Trail in Europe, were at Lucca Gustosa to present wines from the areas covered by the two itineraries.

From Portugal to France and the Balkans, via Italy, the tasting of wines offered an opportunity to discover the variety and richness of our continent, recalling the links between Napoleon and wine production and the importance of viticulture and winemaking processes in today's European cultural identity.

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Napoleon's epic unfolds as he travels, tracing a path that embodies the very essence of the European continent, geographically speaking. The map of his conquests blends harmoniously with the itinerary of Iter Vitis, which embraces the most fascinating European destinations, from the Caucasus to the Atlantic Ocean. Combining the Destination Napoleon itinerary with that of Iter Vitis is fascinating, both because of Napoleon's predilection for wine and because of the places and stories shared by the two routes.

There were two tasting sessions for 20 people, on Saturday 23 March at 5.30pm and on Sunday 24 March at 11am. The tastings were preceded by a brief presentation of Destination Napoleon and Iter Vitis, in the presence of institutional representatives of the Municipality of Lucca and experts in Napoleonic history.


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