Cuneo, a new member in Italy

The Italian town of Cuneo joined the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities in March 2024.

Cuneo. Photo Tino Gerbaldo Fotografo

A new Italian member has joined the European Federation of Napoleonic Citiesthe town of Cuneo.

Following the Cherasco armistice of 28 April 1796, the King of Italy ordered that "the town and square of Cuneo be temporarily returned to the French as a deposit".
On 7 February 1799, Cuneo voted to join France and became the capital of the department of Stura.

By the time Napoleon returned to Paris from Egypt to set up his consulate, the Austro-Russian stranglehold had already tightened around Cuneo: the last siege ended in December with the surrender of the garrison that had remained in the town. Bonaparte returned to Piedmont after the victory at Marengo on 14 June 1800.

In 1809, Cuneo witnessed the passage of Pope Pius VII, who was arrested by Napoleon and stayed in the town on his way to France, leaving behind memories and anecdotes that are now part of the history of the area.

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