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The Napoleonic Wars of Liberation and the “Battle of Großbeeren” on 23 August 1813 left deep traces in local history and still characterize the urban landscape today. Napoleon sets in motion his "Army of Berlin" in 1813 with the aim of occupying Berlin again, which he sees as the refuge of the Prussian resistance against the French regime, but will lose this battle against the allied army led by General von Bülow.

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The tradition of the Victory Festival has gradually emerged and has been held almost every year around August 23 for over 200 years, developing into a large folk festival over the years, with combat demonstrations by troops in historic uniforms from 1813. The memorial tower built

for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Großbeeren is the 32m high emblem of the community. It bears the following inscription: “Here, on August 23, 1813, the French army was defeated by the Prussian troops of General von Bülow. The victory saved Berlin from the threat of French occupation”.

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