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1821- 2021. To commemorate or to celebrate?

The Federation wants to highlight Napoleon's work in its European dimension, through cultural and historical knowledge and cultural tourism. We want to commemorate the Bicentenary of his death as it is a privileged moment to underline his work and his importance as a historical figure. But we do not want to celebrate it, which would be the same as making a judgment. We welcome into our ranks cities where he is seen as a great reformer who carried the ideals of the Revolution, as a victorious or defeated general, as a relentless despot, as the founder of new nations. It is the crossing of these glances, avoiding as far as possible value judgements and gathering around the recognition of the complexity and importance of his work, that creates the common memory that Europe needs. The Latin origin of the word 'commemorate' rightly refers to the call for various forms of remembrance. This is what we want to contribute to.

Charles Bonaparte


In 2021, the Bicentenary of the death of Napoleon will be the occasion for the European Federation of Napoleon Cities and Destination Napoleon, Cultural Route certified by the Council of the Europe , to give visibility to the network through the activities and initiatives proposed by the member cities and territories in Europe.

This will also be an opportunity to strengthen synergies between territories, raise awareness on the Federation's action at different levels, the values promoted, as well as the European multiperspective storytelling offered by Destination Napoleon.

Cork by bike

Beethoven's Eroica

General Assembly. 23-25 September 2022

Exhibition "Napoleon, beyond the myth".

Empire fashion in the countryside - Rambouillet

Saint Helena, the Napoleonic legend - Rambouillet

Napoleon and the stars of his time - Planetarium Jena

Rambouillet at imperial time

European Heritage Days 2021

Napoleone 2021 - Viaggio nel tempo, Marciana, Elba Island, Italy

Napoleon Bicentennial Beethoven Concert - Festival International Sand et Chopin en Seyne

"To celebrate the memory of a great man" - Museo Glauco Lombardi, Italy

Administrative and legal framework: the prefects, a lasting legacy - Institut Français de Florence

Sanitary framework: from the healthiness of cities to the modernization of health professions - Institut Français de Florence

Territorial framework: major land and urban developments - Institut Français de Florence

Economic framework: arts, crafts and industry encouraged - Institut français de Florence

Guided tours "Traces of an empire villa" - Monza, Italy

Tours " Discovering the capital of Italy " - Residenze Reali Lombarde

Conference "Between Milan and Monza: the Napoleonic Court and its International Relations International Conference" - Milan, Palazzo Reale

Napoleon exhibition "from Waterloo to Saint Helena, the birth of the legend" - Waterloo Memorial 1815, Belgium

Napoleonica - Fort of Bard, Italy

Chamber concert of French music - Lidzbark Warminski, Poland

Meeting with the author Wojciech Motylewski - Lidzbark Warminski, Poland

Film "Rediscovering and living history. Napoleon in Jena. Napoleon in full dome technology" - Jena, Germany

National release of the book " La 10e Légion de Napoléon 1er " - Coudekerque-Branche, France

Exhibition "General THEVENET" - Coudekerque-Branche, France

Exhibition "Napoleone in caricatura" - Museo Glauco Lombardi, Italy

Napoleon, the Night of Fontainebleau - Fontainebleau, France

Exhibition "The Bonapartes and the antique, an imperial language" - Musée National de la Maison Bonaparte, Ajaccio, France

Exhibition "Light on the works of Oscar Rex" - Château de Malmaison, France

Napoleon 2021 - Florence the dreamed city - Florence, Italie

Virtual visit of the collection and 3D contents - Museo Glauco Lombardi, Italy

Meetings and debates on issues related to the Napoleonic era - Museum of Historical Figurines, Calenzano, Italy

The myth of Napoleon in the collections of Villa Carlotta and Villa Melzi d'Eril - Villa Carlotta, Italy

Exhibition: "Creations around a dress of Josephine" - Château de Malmaison, France

Napoleon at play: historical simulation game tournament with a Napoleonic theme - Museum of Historical Figures, Calenzano, Italy

Exhibition "Under the dictation of the Emperor" - Napoleonic Museum, Île d'Aix, France

Napoleon festival: The Ligurian origins of Napoleon Bonaparte - Sarzana, Italy

Exhibition "Napoleon with 1001 faces" - Château de Malmaison, France

Napoleon 1821 - Museum Glauco Lombardi, Italie

Empire in Playmobil" exhibition - Wellington Museum, Waterloo, Belgium

Terra Queimada : invasion and resistance - Mealhada, Portugal

Digital activities throughout the year - Vimeiro, Portugal

Sail GP - Plymouth, United Kingdom

Exhibition "In marble and bronze: the memory of the Bonapartes in Corsica" - Musée nationale de la maison Bonaparte, Ajaccio, France

Theater play "Terra Queimada: invasion and resistance" - Mealhada, Portugal

Battle of Hailsberg - Lidzbark Warminski, Poland

Elisa's summer pleasures - Villa Reale di Marlia, Italy

The European week

The first edition of the European Week of Destination Napoleon will take place from 1 to 9 May 2021, and will be the occasion to celebrate the bicentenary of Napoleon's death. This annual event will become the flagship initiative of the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities (FECN) and Destination Napoleon, Cultural Route certified by the Council of Europe. 

The European Week will be an opportunity to give visibility to the activities and events of the more than 60 cities and territories members of the FECN, present in 13 countries, from Portugal to the Russian Federation. It will highlight the legacy of Napoleon and his era in today's Europe.

Each year, a common theme will be proposed by the FECN Scientific Committee, thus federating the cities' member and making it easier for the public to understand this diverse heritage.

The 2021 theme is:


You can not go to St-Helena? Discover Napoleonic heritage close to you.

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