European Heritage Days 2021

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On 18 and 19 September, France will celebrate the European Heritage Days, which allow European citizens to (re)discover their heritage throughout Europe. On this occasion, find a selection of activities carried out by the member cities of the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities: 

Paris, 18 September, Residence of the British Ambassador to France - Hôtel de Charost 

"The Hôtel de Charost has been the residence of British ambassadors since 1814. The Duke of Charost had the hotel built in 1722 by the architect Antoine Mazin, who had just finished the Hôtel de Matignon, and it was left uninhabited during the Revolution, when it was sold in 1803 by the widow of the fifth Duke to Pauline Leclerc, also a widow and Napoleon Bonaparte's favourite sister. During the eleven years that she owned it, she carried out extensive work. Even today, the residence boasts a fine collection of Empire furniture from this period. In 1814, the Hotel de Charost was purchased on behalf of the British government by the Duke of Wellington. The Duke of Wellington was the first ambassador to reside there after the restoration of the monarchy by Louis XVIII that same year.

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Pontivy, 18 September, Guided tours of the town hall of Pontivy 

"The town hall was the result of Napoleon Bonaparte's great project for the small town of Pontivy at the beginning of the 19th century. It has preserved its original function while adapting to the evolution of the municipal services. On the occasion of the European Heritage Days, the mayor's office, the committee room, the marriage room and the town council room decorated with the large mural painting by Pierre Cadre will be exceptionally open to you.

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Pontivy, 18 September, Open air show "Napoleon, shadows and lights of an exceptional destiny  

"In 1805, Emperor Napoleon I approved the plans for a brand new district to be built to the south of the small town of Pontivy, then called Napoleonville. The year 2021 marks the bicentenary of the emperor's death. To mark this occasion, the elected representatives of the town of Pontivy wanted to offer the public an entertainment for the general public with a Napoleonic historical background.
Created by Vos Nuits Etoilées de Pluméliau, this sound, light and video show will take place in the open air, in the Lenglier square, around the Saint-Joseph church, built thanks to the financial support of Napoleon I's nephew, Emperor Napoleon III!
For one evening, the church and the square will come alive with music and light effects, and part of the story of the "little corporal" will be told on a giant screen.

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Pontivy, 18 September, Guided tour "Discovering Napoleonville

  "As we celebrate the Emperor's bicentenary, the guides from the tourist office invite you to stroll through the checkerboard streets, to discover the imposing Place d'Armes, around which the barracks, the Law Courts and the Town Hall-Sub-Prefecture rise majestically... Discover Napoleon's great projects for Pontivy throughout the 19th century.

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Rueil Malmaison, 18-19 September, Free visit of the castle and gardens 

"Exhibition "Creations around a dress of Josephine". Visitors will be able to discover a copy of a dress worn by the Empress made by students from the Ecole Duperré in Paris as part of a collaboration between the museum and the school. Trained in fashion and textile design, the students will at the same time develop their own projects, contemporary interpretations of the Empire style. These works will be exhibited alongside the dress and will allow the public to discover the level of excellence of the skills taught as well as the creativity that drives the students.

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