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The fortification, traditionally called by the population "Baterija" (the battery), is located at Cape Zaglav and was built in 1806 under the French administration, in order to prevent the Russian fleet from invading the islands of central Dalmatia. This maritime fort is the largest fortification in Brač and the entire ground plan of the fortification, in the shape of an irregular pentagon, is still intact.

Milna, today





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Milna is one of the most architecturally harmonious examples of Baroque town planning on the Dalmatian coast, a safe natural harbour, already evidenced by the construction of Diocletian's palace in Split, as well as an important strategic location during the Napoleonic wars in the eastern Adriatic, last defence of Split and its surroundings.

Inside the fortification, four rooms are also preserved, three of them in a row. Next to them is still an unexplored underground entrance, a possible natural cave or a pit. The main observatory was built on a large terrace, partly a natural rock, and can be reached by an arched staircase.

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