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Jena was one of the cradles of European Romanticism long before the Napoleonic era. Its name resonates all the way to Paris, where the name of one of the most famous battles of the Emperor signals place and avenue and even a subway station. From the heart of the city, the battlefield is not far away, in a green and peaceful countryside. We must remember the victims so that we do not forget that wars are always a tragedy and that yesterday's enemies can be today's friends.

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The Battle of Jena in 1806 is regarded in German history as Prussia's greatest defeat. Despite different assessments of this historical event, the battlefield remains a place of symbolism today, attracting many visitors every year. The region between Erfurt, Weimar, Apolda, Auerstedt, Naumburg, 

Eisenberg and Jena has many sites reminding us the Napoleonic era, including museums and memorials. By taking the "Napoleon 1806" cycle route, you can discover through the signposting system the historical and geographical dimension of the battle along the 34 kilometers that separates Jena and Auerstedt.

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