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The Battle of Ligny, also called the Battle of Fleurus, pitted the Prussian army led by Marshal Blücher against a part of the French army commanded by Napoleon I. It took place on June 16, 1815, two days before the Battle of Waterloo. Ligny was Napoleon's last victory. But it was less important and decisive than Napoleon believed because the Prussians succeeded in their retreat on the wings.

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Every year during Easter, you can also discover the Fleurus cavalcade, an international folk festival. Organized by four Gilles societies, around twenty dance and music groups parade through the streets of the town. Finally, the city is known to house the tomb of Henri Pétrez,

one of the greatest Walloon authors of the twentieth century, born and died in Fleurus and known for his five collections of fables, the “Fauves du Baron d 'Fleûru”. This one carries the following maxim: "Passant, eûchîz ène pinséye an walon" (Passant, have a thought in Walloon).

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