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The village of Ligny is located in the Province of Namur, more precisely in the commune of Sombreffe, where the battle of June 16, 1815 took place. The village and its inhabitants took no less than 5 years to recover from this unique day where 150’000 men fought fiercely. Let us never forget that this single episode occurring 48 hours before the Battle of Waterloo resulted in thousands of casualties.

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Since 1965, Ligny has been recalling the events of June 16, 1815 through historical re-enactments (bivouacs, fights, parades, drum and fife concerts). Today, "Les Napoléoniennes de Ligny" convey the image of the "Ligny 1815", recognized as a large-scale event covering a cultural area much wider than the village borders. An event accessible to all, due to its multitude of activities allowing the youngest to learn the gestures and techniques of the past

thanks to the old professions gathered in the "Village of the craftsmen" during the commemorations. Playful animations allow a better understanding of the manufacturing techniques and the different ways of life of the Napoleonic era: from cooking to washing, almost everything is on display. Appreciating the richness of one's historical heritage through gestures is something very much appreciated because it is concrete and brings closer to traditional crafts, often forgotten.

Credits photos : Denis Closon & MTSO and A. Jancart for "Napoléoniennes de Ligny"

Sombreffe city website : www.sombreffe.be

Ligny 1815 Museum : www.ligny1815.be

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