Corfu, another island. The city of the same name spreads its Venetian heritage at the feet of visitors. Here, it is the heart of the Mediterranean. The history of the relationship between Corfu and Napoleon is not all glorious. But the mark that the French Empire left here seems indelible, and it is through Corfu that Napoleon's legacy could once again radiate peacefully throughout Greece.

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The Esplanade, which separates the old fortress from the old town, is an important vestige of the imperial period. The same applies to the famous Liston Way, a group of buildings bordering the old town. With its elegant colonnade, it is the main architectural testimony of the French presence. The rhythmic repetition of its arcades reflects the layout style of the Napoleonic period, similar to those of the Rue de Rivoli in Paris.

The Napoleonic period also contributed to the development of teaching and the use of Greek as a language for administrative texts. In 1808, with this in mind was founded the first modern academy in Greece, the Ionian Academy, in Corfu. This institution aimed to promote the arts, sciences and their practical applications by organising teaching and practical courses.

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