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His notoriety is intimately linked to that of illustrious figures, such as Christopher Columbus but also Napoleon Bonaparte whose godfather Laurent Giubegga, lawyer, had taken up residence in the citadel. Calvi was also the last stopover in Corsica where the Bonapartes, forced to leave Ajaccio, took refuge in June 1793, before their exile.

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Not far away, the now ruined residence of Prince Pierre Napoleon, nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, overlooks the bay. Pioneer in the development of tourism in Corsica, Calvi is the economic capital of Balagne and its 35 villages. Perched between the sea and the mountains, they offer this micro-region all the landscape, heritage and festive appeal of the island.

The purity of its waters and the richness of its architectural heritage present Calvi as a beauty spot in the Isle of Beauty, in the north-west of Corsica. Its Genoese citadel from the 13th century, with its former palace of the Genoese governors, faces the snow-capped massifs which reflect their shadow on the sea. The boats moor at the foot of a colorful navy forming one of the most beautiful gulfs in Corsica.

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