Adam D'Arcy, Destination Napoleon Ambassador in Cork

Passionate about Napoleonic history and cycling,
Adam D'Arcy has been Destination Napoleon's ambassador in Cork, Ireland since 2022.

Portrait of Adam Darcy
Portrait of Adam D'Arcy

Originally from Limerick, Ireland, Adam D'Arcy studied architecture at Technological University in Dublin and worked in Berlin before moving to Cork. He works as an architect in a small practice and is also a part-time tutor in the Department of Architecture at University College Cork.

Adam has a keen interest in cycling and Napoleonic history. He is a member of the Cork Cycling Campaign and has been involved in – the Irish Cycling Advocacy Network. He is a member of the International Napoleonic Society and the Napoleon Society of Ireland.

Cork, as part of the United Kingdom during the Napoleonic Wars, was an important maritime and military centre for the British with many examples of commercial / military infrastructure and Napoleonic history. Adam is the Destination Napoleon Ambassador in Cork, with a view to the city becoming a member of the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities.

Adam combined his interests in Napoleonic history and cycling to embark on a series of cycle tours across Europe following the military campaigns of Napoleon. This has taken him by bike from Calais to Cairo and Madrid to Moscow. From his cycle tours, the idea emerged to create a network of long-distance cycle routes based on Napoleon’s campaigns. The project was given the name Velopoleon. Inspired by Eurovelo and other long-distance routes, Velopoleon would allow cycle tourists to navigate routes throughout Europe with a Napoleonic theme in a unique experience which connects landscape, nature and people.

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