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aix island

During an inspection visit to the island in 1808, Napoleon I, seeking to strengthen the defense of the Rochefort arsenal, drew sketches of a model fort "indestructible and unassailable". The Emperor wanted to gather on the island nearly 4’000 men who should be able to repel 12’000 English if they presented themselves! Finally, in July 1815, he stayed there for some time before being exiled to the island of Saint Helena.

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A short distance from the coasts of Charente-Maritime and Fort Boyard, the Île-d’Aix is a pencil stroke on the ocean. Classified as a "Remarkable Natural Site", it concentrates all the diversity of the landscapes of the Charente coastline. A true microcosm and island of tranquility, which can only be discovered on foot, by bicycle or in a horse-drawn carriage.

Its fortified village, forts and coastal batteries make it a timeless place, delighting lovers of history and adventure. A major system of fortifications has been set up there to counter the rivalries between the kingdoms of France and England. Today it is a seaside and cultural tourism destination.

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events 2021

Exhibition "Under the dictation of the Emperor" - Napoleonic Museum, Île d'Aix, France

From June 2 to September 30, 2021 - Napoleonic Museum, Île d'Aix, France.

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