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The history of Napoleon crosses for the first time the city of Corte through the course of his father Charles, who joined the “Università di Corsica”, University of the Enlightenment founded by Pasquale Paoli from 1765 to 1768, to study law and meet its founder. Napoleon was also conceived in Corte, Laetizia leaving the city pregnant. He returned there several times between 1788 and 1793 to stay with Paoli, whom he admired.

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Corte is currently a small university city housing the Museum of Corsica in the historic citadel, which hosted the exhibition "Napoleon and Corsica" in 2009. The old town is an attractive maze of alleys leading to the belvedere, which overlooks the city on one side, and the intersection of its two beautiful valleys on the other.

Corte is not only popular for its history but also for its mountain activities, organized around the lakes of the Restonica and Tavignanu valley, prestigious sites of the Corsica Natural Park, as well as for its summer cultural activities.

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