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The cultural heritage of the municipality of Colpo is both diverse and remarkable. Its historical and megalithic components are particularly noteworthy. The historical heritage of the town of Colpo is, for many, linked to its creation in 1864, through the numerous testimonies of its Napoleonic origins during the Second Empire.

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The town and its center were created from scratch on the initiative of Princess Napoleone Elisa Baciocchi, niece and goddaughter of Napoleon I, with the constant support of her first cousin Napoleon III, with the aim of economic and social development and exemplarity. The layout of the town, as well as the architecture of its main buildings (castle, town hall, school, houses, central alley, model farm...), still very present and spectacular, are characteristic of the neo-classical style of the Second Empire (1852-1870).

An interpretive trail, set up in 2017, allows visitors to discover, freely and in situ, the singular history and heritage linked to this creation of the town of Colpo. As such, the town of Colpo is today one of the "European Cultural Routes" certified by the Council of Europe, under the title "Destination Napoleon", of which it is one of the stopover towns. The megalithic heritage of the commune is particularly rich with the sites of the cairns of Larcuste as well as the dolmen in covered alley and the menhirs of Kerjagu.

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