Napoleon in cards - Jacques-Olivier Boudon

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Description A new approach to Napoleon through cartography. 70 detailed maps, enriched with numerous figures, infographics and pictograms showing Napoleon's influence in France, but also in Europe and throughout the world.

An insatiable conqueror, a genius strategist and a great reformer, Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) left a deep mark on French and international history. With 70 detailed maps and numerous computer graphics, this book offers an original approach to Napoleon's life. From his Corsican childhood to his exile in Saint Helena, this book retraces his decisive military campaigns, the administrative and social transformations he led, without forgetting to take a historical look at the French society of the time or the impact of the Napoleonic Empire in Europe and in the rest of the world.

Author : Jacques-Olivier Boudon

Publisher : Editions de la Martinière

Date of publication 9 December 2021

Format 220 x 285 mm

Pages : 192

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