Our mission & values

The priority missions of the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities are:

  • the conservation, sharing, enhancement and safeguarding of the common cultural heritage of European importance linked to the Napoleonic myth and the influence of the Napoleonic period on nowadays Europe ;
  • raising public awareness, enhancing cultural diversity and promoting mutual knowledge of the history, roots and common cultural values of the European peoples, and our shared cultural heritage ;
  • the development of research, teaching and the dissemination of knowledge.

The FECN develops its activities around three main orientations:

  • promoting exchanges on Napoleonic history by organising meetings, conferences, and publications in cooperation with universities, cultural institutions and historical associations ;
  • promoting and supporting actions aiming at the conservation and restoration of the heritage of the Napoleonic period (objects, works of art, furniture, monuments, sites, etc.) ;
  • developing activities to promote and enhance the value of heritage through exhibitions, artistic events, discovery itineraries, in particular in the context of tourism, school or university exchanges.
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