Destination Napoleon 2022

La-Roche-sur-Yon commemorates Napoleon

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The city of La Roche-sur-Yon commemorates Napoleon as part of the bicentenary of his death.

You will find below the details of the programme:

- 30 October, 11.15 to 20.30 (Cyel (auditorium and atrium)): Napoleon Chess Trophy (live broadcast on the city's Youtube channel)

- 31 October, 5pm (Maison de quartier Pont Morineau): Historical comedy "Pourvu que ça dure" (Provided it lasts)

- 13 November, 11am (Place Napoléon): wreath laying

- 13 November, 2pm (Théâtre municipal): Cycle of 5 lectures on the Napoleonic heritage

- 13 November, 5.30 pm (Théâtre Municipal): Unveiling to the public of the work of Clémence Dimier

- 13 November, 8.30pm (Théâtre municipal): Napoleon, the Night of Fontainebleau show

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