Inauguration of new premises in Lucca

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On 20 November 2021, in the presence of President Luca Menesini and numerous authorities and administrators, the Province of Lucca inaugurated the new premises on the ground floor, which have undergone a functional renovation and important adaptation work to create a reception area and an educational information point for the Great Accessible European Tyrrhenian Sea Route project, financed by the Italy-France 2014-2020 maritime cooperation programme under the GritAccess project.

The wooden columns of the court theatre of Princess Elisa Bonaparte are in the renovated rooms, following the restoration work promoted by the association "Napoleon and Elisa in Tuscany: from Paris to Tuscany" with the contribution of Banco BPM-Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca, Pisa, Livorno and the Rotary Club of Lucca.

The ground floor rooms have been renovated in terms of appearance, functionality and systems, with the installation of lighting points with great scenic effect, and also house a small room for meetings and conferences.
183,000 in European funds from the Province.

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