Lucca: working meeting of Italian members of Fecn-Destination Napoleon

Working meeting for Italian members of the FECN - Destination Napoleon, on 10 October in Lucca, Italy.

The FECNDestination NapoleonDestination Napoleon, a Council of Europe Cultural Route since 2015, offers a model of cooperation that combines the enhancement of Napoleon's vast cultural heritage with the active participation of civil society, for the sustainable development of the European territories involved. Thanks to the synergies between cultural and socio-economic institutions and organisations, from local to national and European levels, Destination Napoleon is an effective tool for implementing innovative policies and strategies that are consistent with the resources and characteristics of the territories, and provides its members with shared tools, with the possibility of exchanging the practices developed by each and the opportunity to create joint projects, both at local and regional level, and at national and transnational level.

The working meeting is dedicated to the Italian members of the FECN - Destination Napoleon as well as to municipalities interested in joining the network, and is hosted by the town of LuccaFederation vice-president for Italy. The day will provide an opportunity for reflection and exchange of experience, with the aim of consolidating the route in Italy and identifying projects of interest to members.

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