Coudekerque-Branche: Napoleonic cruise on the Bergues Canal

A cruise through history in Coudekerque-Branche (FR) on 17 June 2023.

APL 7923

On 17 June 2023, the city of Coudekerque-Branche organised a cruise on the Bergues Canal to discover the history of Napoleon. During the cruise, Régis Jonckheere, dressed in period costume, retraced the history of the Boulogne camp and explained the involvement of the towns of Bergues and Coudekerque-Branche in the strategy for invading England.

In 1804, detachments of troops from the Rosendaël camp (Boulogne camp) were housed in the towns of Boulogne, Bergues, Gravelines and Coudekerque-Branche. Their presence led to the transformation of Fort Louis in Coudekerque-Branche into a military prison and Fort Français, located in the commune of Coudekerque, into a depot and quarters for bakers requisitioned by the army.

The shops at Bergues, Dunkirk and Gravelines were also used to store blankets, ammunition, new rifles, shoes, food and fodder.

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