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The town of Châteauroux is the birthplace of a man who greatly contributed to the influence of the Napoleonic legend: General Bertrand, the "passer of memory" appointed as the executor of the Emperor's will. His statue by François Rude represents him as the bearer of Napoleon's will and the sword of Austerlitz, undeniable symbols of the Emperor's glorious past.

Châteauroux, today


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Châteauroux is an unusual destination where medieval and modern treasures, the imperial legend of Napoleon I, the nostalgia of the American memory and a resplendent nature are all present. The influence of the imperial period can be seen throughout the city, both in its unique heritage sites,

The museum and the media library have exceptional collections, as well as the urban and economic development of the city in the 19th century. From Raoul Castle (the 15th century castle that gave its name to the town) to Saint Helena Square, via the Bertrand Museum, the town and its imperial treasures are presented.

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