Activity report


In 2021, the Bicentennial of Napoleon's death was an opportunity for the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities and Destination Napoleon, a Cultural Route certified by the Council of Europe, to give visibility to the network through the activities and initiatives proposed by the member cities and territories in Europe. The activities carried out allowed to strengthen the synergies between territories, to make known the actions of the Federation at different levels, to promote its values as well as the European and plural narrative offered by Destination Napoleon. All the activities carried out on this occasion were labelled by the Federation's Scientific Committee, and were recognisable through the use of the dedicated logo.

A new unifying initiative was also created, which continued in 2022: the Destination Napoleon European Week. From now on, this event will be held every year, with the aim of bringing together the member cities around common dates that promote Napoleonic heritage. The Week always takes place at the beginning of May, and is held on the anniversary of Napoleon's death (5 May) and on Europe Day (9 May). It was the occasion to inaugurate the first online exhibition with Europeana on the theme of urbanism in the 19th century, an initiative that will be repeated during the next European weeks.

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