Launch of the NappLucca application

It will guide tourists to discover the Napoleonic sites of Lucca and its territory

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On Monday 8 May at Palazzo Orsetti in Lucca, the new mobile application NappLucca, carried out as part of the project GRITACCESS - Interreg Maritime Italy France 2018-2021.
The application is the result of collaboration between LuccaTurismo, the Province of Lucca, l'Associazione Napoleone ed Elisa in Toscana and the FECN-Destination Napoleon.

Eleven points of interest are indicated by the application and included in theNapoleonic itinerary of Lucca: Palazzo Ducale, Piazza Napoleone, Mura Urbane, Orto Botanico, Villa Bottini, Via Elisa, Porta Elisa, Museo Nazionale di Villa Guinigi, Palazzo Orsetti, Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Mansi and Villa Reale di Marlia.

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NappLucca is available in 3 languages (Italian, French and English) and can be downloaded free of charge for both Android and Apple iPhone from

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