Empire in Playmobil" exhibition - Wellington Museum, Waterloo, Belgium


From May 8 to September 5, 2021 - Wellington Museum, Waterloo, Belgium.

On this occasion, and exclusively at the Wellington Museum, a very large model of the Waterloo battlefield made with Playmobil® figures will be on display for the enjoyment of young and old alike. Scenes depicting the Emperor's life will also be on display. They will be complemented by engravings from our collection (as a reminder, the Wellington Museum holds the largest collection of engravings of the battlefield). 

These models are made by Laurent Lafont, passionate about Playmobil® and History. For several years, he has been customizing historical figures based on Playmobil® figurines and integrating them into dioramas. Particularly turned to the Napoleonic period, he regularly works on the realization of stagings for museums and participates in various Playmobil® exhibitions throughout France.

www.museewellington.be and Facebook page of the museum

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