Terra Queimada : invasion and resistance - Mealhada, Portugal

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From March to August 2021 - Mealhada, Portugal.

Short episodes will be adapted, dramatized and staged, recreating moments experienced by the French and Anglo-Portuguese troops, during the period of the invasions before and after the battle of September 1810, in the territory of the present municipality of Mealhada.

These episodes tell the public about little-known aspects of this historical period, but which profoundly affected the people of this territory. 

The events will take place every month in different places of the municipality, involving local associations and spreading both history and the local cultural and architectural heritage.

Each event will be accessible via a QRcode. A flyer with historical information about the scene represented, and tourist information about the place where it takes place will be distributed. 

These sessions will be streamed. 

There will also be the possibility for each session to be accompanied by a sign language interpreter. 

All events will be free of charge, organized in the open air for a maximum of 50 people.

Episode 1 # Wellington spends the night at Convento do Bussaco

March 2021 - Mata Nacional do Bussaco (National Monument)

Episode 2 # Diary of Frei José by S. Silvestre

April 2021 - Portas de Sula - Bussaco National Forest (National Monument).

Episode 3 # The Miller of Sula

Date: April - Moinhos de Santa Cristina

Episode 4 # Masséna during the night in Mealhada

May - Mealhada Historical Centre

Episode 5 # Looting in the Chapel of Vera Cruz

June - Campo de Vera Cruz (Ruins of the chapel of Vera Cruz)

Episode 6 # Love Left Behind

June - Church Square Casal Comba

Episode 7 # Theft and destruction of the Sant'Ana chapel

July - Largo da Sant'Ana Chapel - Mealhada

Episode 8 # Wickedness and Terror in "Freguezia de Vacarissa 

August - Cruzeiro da Vacariça Square

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