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The Federation invites all public and private actors in the field of cultural tourism, art and education who wish to spread Napoleon's legacy to join us in developing new and exciting European projects. The designation "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe" takes our imagination on a journey of discovery across the Old Continent and exploration of what has helped to shape our contemporary identity.

How to become a member?

If you are a city or local authority, simply fill in the membership protocol and send it to the address indicated.

Why become a member?

With the European Cultural Route label, the Council of Europe promotes cooperation and exchange in the fields of culture, education and tourism. The 39 European Cultural Routes on the continent serve interculturalism between the peoples of Europe.

Our cultural route "Destination Napoleon" is a vector of cultural, economic and social development on a continental scale. It is part of the structures and initiatives supported by the cities. Destination Napoleon pools the expertise and opportunities offered by the network of its cities. It encourages the development of innovative initiatives, in particular by developing specific models of methodologies and tools such as the D-Lab (Digital Technology Laboratory for Cultural Routes) and an interactive map. The enhancement of the heritage that the Destination Napoleon itinerary proposes together with all the cities of its network produces effects of an economic and cultural nature, especially through tourism: for example, by creating signposted tours or ready-to-use products, which the Federation will promote at major European trade fairs and through its presence at major media, sporting and cultural events.

All cities in our Federation benefit from the European network within the Federation. This is the most visible benefit for member cities: access to European projects, funds and exchange of best practices.

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