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In November 1804, Napoleon I discovered the Château de Rambouillet for the first time, which had been on the civil list of Crown residences since Louis XVI. Its geographical location, only fifty kilometers from Paris, its vast forest and its beautiful gardens arouse the interest of the emperor, building the palace of the King of Rome, to accommodate his legitimate heir, who will never live there. 

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In Rambouillet, the imperial legend is present on many architectural remains. Napoleon I undertook a complete renovation of the castle and the park of Rambouillet, which offered at the arrival of the Emperor a very sad aspect after years of slow abandonment following the French Revolution. The Emperor will also spend a last

night in this place on 29 June 1815, at the time of his final exile. Thus, as he had already done at the Tuileries, Malmaison, Saint-Cloud, Trianon and Compiègne, Napoleon ordered the restoration, transformation and embellishment of this ancient medieval residence in the area he loved. 

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