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Pravdinsk is a town in Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia, and the site of the 1807 Battle of Friedland, after which the town was named. Napoleon I won a famous battle there on 14 June 1807 against the Russian and Prussian armies, giving his name to an avenue in Paris, near the Arc de Triomphe. The town of Friedland was renamed Pravdinsk in 1945.

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Marshal Lefebvre captured Danzig in May 1807, and Napoleon marched on Königsberg. On 14 June, Bennigsen's Russians were settled on a plateau, surrounded by a meander of the Alle, at the bottom of which was Friedland, and this plateau was connected to the plain only to the west. Napoleon then blasted the plateau with a huge concentration of artillery fire,

Then occupy or cut the bridges of the Alle, preventing the enemy from retreating. The victory was complete: it cost the Russians 25,000 men, including 25 generals, against 7,000 to 8,000 French. Napoleon takes Königsberg, the last Prussian fortress, and Alexander I asks for an armistice that will prelude the peace of Tilsit.

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