Napoleon my grandfather, this unknown - Charles Bonaparte


Description : We discover the childhood in Corsica, the young Napoleon who recites Corneille with his older brother, who gets sick leave from the army to stay in his beloved island, writes fiery letters to Josephine who cheats on him, invents a new war, almost misses the coup d'état of the Dix-huit Brumaire, takes power, reforms France from top to bottom, crowns himself, writes about himself in the newspapers, cheats at cards, sings falsely, sleeps fully clothed on the battlefield, quarrels with his brothers and sisters, lunches with his son on his lap, believes himself to be a member of the family of the sovereigns of Europe, does not understand what is happening during the Moscow fire, refuses to take refuge in the United States, orders, in exile in St. Helena, a piece of jewellery for his son, the King of Rome.

Author : Charles Bonaparte

Publisher : XO Editions

Date of publication October 29, 2009

Format :153 x 240 mm

Pages : 416

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