Napoleon and the last campaign - Jacques-Olivier Boudon


Description : Napoleon and the last campaign is the third and last book by Jacques-Olivier Boudon on the Napoleonic epic on the front after Napoleon and the Russian campaign, 1812 and Napoleon and the French campaign, 1814.

The announcement of Napoleon's landing at Golfe-Juan on 1 March 1815 sounded like a thunderclap in a Europe petrified by the audacity of the man who had dominated the world for fifteen years. Acclaimed on his return, Napoleon regained his emperor's clothes in twenty days and embarked on a series of liberal reforms that would put a new stamp on the Empire of the Hundred Days.

But he was soon confronted with the irreconcilable opposition of the European powers hostile to this return. From then on, war was inevitable. Napoleon went back on the campaign trail, but he was unable to rally a war-weary nation around him. This will be his last campaign, a short campaign punctuated by the battle of Waterloo, still controversial. Using archives and memoirs of the time, the author stages this last campaign of Napoleon, both heroic and tragic.

Author : Jacques-Olivier Boudon

Publisher : Armand Colin

Date of publication : March 4, 2015

Format :153 x 235 mm

Pages : 368

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