Napoleon and the French campaign - Jacques-Olivier Boudon


Description Thanks to an amazing series of victories (Champaubert, Montmirail, Montereau or Craonne ...), Napoleon has included the French campaign in the heart of his epic. Even if it ended with the Emperor's abdication, it is comparable to the brilliant actions he carried out in Italy, Austria or Prussia. Napoleon, a warlord, has lost none of his superbness.

He always manages to galvanize his men and to give his opponents the impression of being at the head of an innumerable army. Without having been defeated in a decisive battle, the Emperor had to abdicate after the fall of Paris and the defection of his relatives. The French campaign thus marked the end of the Empire.

France was tired of ten years of war and fifteen years of authoritarian power. Napoleon's charisma was no longer enough to draw the crowds behind him. The population also suffered for the first time the effects of the war, the violence it generated, the occupation of the territory, and longed for peace. The last episode in the confrontation between the Europeans and the France that emerged from the Revolution, the French campaign finally sealed the fate of Europe for the century to come.

Author : Jacques-Olivier Boudon

Publisher : Armand Colin

Date of publication : January 22, 2014

Format :153 x 235 mm

Pages : 368

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