Napoleon and Jesus- Marie-Paule Raffaelli-Pasquini

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Description Jesus before Alexander, before Augustus: in the imagination of the Napoleonic epic, the imperial figures of Greek and Roman antiquity give way to another, more secret one. Long buried in the shadow of Caesar's representations, it is the Christ-like icon that reveals itself most intimately within this exceptional destiny and work.

Marie-Paule Raffaelli-Pasquini masterfully demonstrates this by conducting an unprecedented, lively and fascinating investigation into the heart of the Emperor's personal imagination. Napoleon admired Jesus. For him, Christ was able to initiate a new way of thinking, to establish a new order, to unite humanity around a common Ideal. Even more than the eternal Word, it was the incarnation, the hybridization, the half-man and half-god that fascinated him. In his turn, and following the example of the heroes who cradled his childhood, he aspires to save the world. Inspired by the example of the evangelical Christ, Napoleon will do everything to become a political Christ himself.

It is this hold of a unique spiritual message on a singular temporal adventure that the young philosopher analyses with talent and brilliance, shedding light on all aspects of a religious mythification that helps us understand the inexplicable country that is ours.

Author Marie-Paule Raffaelli-Pasquini

Publisher : Les éditions du Cerf

Date of publication March 2021

Format 155 x 240 mm

Pages : 272

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