The four sergeants of La Rochelle - Jacques-Olivier Boudon


Description In "Les quatres sergents de La Rochelle", published by Past/Composite, Jacques-Olivier BoudonThe author, president of the Scientific Committee of the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities, reveals not only the backstage of one of the most famous plots of the 19th century, but also that of a myth that federates the opposition to the king, to arbitrary power, to oppression, barely thirty years after the French Revolution and the storming of the Bastille.

On September 21, 1822, four sergeants were guillotined in Paris. Three of them had belonged to Napoleon's Grande Armée. Disappointed by the restored monarchy of Louis XVIII, they had allowed themselves to be seduced by a plan of insurrection fomented by the Charbonnerie, a secret society which included liberals and was headed by the famous general La Fayette. Discovered in La Rochelle in March 1822, the conspiracy led to a trial in which the leaders escaped. Only second-raters were condemned. The ultra-royalists now in charge of the country wanted to make an example of them. Indignation was widespread.

For a century and a half, from the day of the execution to the Second World War, the martyrdom of the four sergeants of La Rochelle will be repeated, recounted, revered, used as a definitive argument against an abusive monarchy, by the Bonapartists, of course, but also by republicans of all kinds.

Author : Jacques-Olivier Boudon

Publisher : Compound Passes

Date of publication March 3, 2021

Format :140 x 220 mm

Pages : 288

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