Napoleon's tastes - Philippe Costamagna

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Description After the success ofEye StoriesIn this book, Philippe Costamagna applies his knowledge as an art and taste historian to someone who is never approached from this angle: Napoleon. In this first book on the subject, he approaches both the intimate Napoleon and the public Napoleon through his tastes, all his tastes, and sometimes his disgusts.

What was Napoleon's taste in furniture? Clothing? Literature? Theatre? Painting ? Cooking ? Of women? Among the many details and anecdotes about the general, First Consul, Emperor of the French and the most famous exile in the world, we discover his passion for red mullet, but also for Corneille's verses, which he had recited by actors, for the mauve colour with which he had the Elysée palace lined, or even for the game of bars (a variant of the chat-perché). And each time, in addition to these tastes, his very own decision to impose them on everyone, sometimes for our greater good, as when he populated Paris with fountains.

Behind the legend of guns and conquests, cavalcades and codes, here is the truth of a man who revealed himself profoundly through his aesthetic choices. This fascinating Tastes of Napoleon is a treasure trove of little-known anecdotes and a wealth of unexpected information about one of the great men of French history.

Author : Philippe Costamagna

Publisher : Grasset

Date of publication March 3, 2021

Format :143 x 205 mm

Pages : 304

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