The activities of the FECN, week N°11


Progress of the European GRITACCESS project and bilateral meetings with Calvi (France), Jena (Germany) and Lucca (Italy).

On 16 March, the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities (FECN) met with the Calvi Balagne Tourist Office (OTI), represented by Jean-Baptiste Ceccaldi, President of the OTI, and Anne-Marie Piazzoli, Director of the OTI. Jacques Mattei, FECN project manager, and Pierre-Paul Gori, FECN social media manager, discussed with them the upcoming activities for the 2021 Bicentenary, the programme of which is currently being finalised with the city of Calvi. Calvi. Other cooperations with FECN, including the creation of a digital tour of the city and the organization of a virtual exhibition, were also discussed.

On March 17, internal technical meeting, under the direction of Jacques Mattei and Enrico Zunino, with the team in charge of the development of digital Apps and circuits within the framework of GRITACCES. On the 19th, also for GRITACCESS, a zoom meeting with the officials of the municipality and the province of Lucca to discuss the development of a digital circuit in the Italian city.

On March 18, bilateral meeting with the City of JenaMargret Franz, city councillor and FECN coordinator for the city. Eleonora Berti, FECN Director and Anja Schwind, FECN Network Coordinator, discussed with her the city's participation in the Federation's activities and the opportunities to expand the network in Germany.

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