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It is in a mountain pasture in Laffrey, Isère, that an equestrian statue of Napoleon still stands today, proudly evoking the historic confrontation between Napoleon and the royalist troops, on his return from exile in 1815. This symbolic victory of Napoleon in this place also called Prairie de la rencontre, signs his return to power and opens the roads to the capital.

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"Soldiers, I am your Emperor, do you not recognize me? If there is one among you who wants to kill his general, here I am! Napoleon once again provoked fate and turned history on its head on 7 March 1815 with these words, his chest offered to the guns. The place: a mountain pasture now called Prairie de la Rencontre, near Laffrey, in Isère.

Impressed by so much bravery and panache, the soldiers of Louis XVIII's royalist troops lowered their rifles to shout together "Long live the Emperor! ". The Emperor continued his triumphal march to the capital. On 20 March, he took up residence in the Tuileries Palace, abandoned the day before by Louis XVIII.

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