The Bonaparte Freedom - Charles Bonaparte

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Description Charles Bonaparte was born Charles Napoleon: in a political act, revolutionary all in all, and one that could not be more in keeping with what the founder of the dynasty had done, he changed his name to Charles Bonaparte. Not only that, but as the head of the family, normally destined to become emperor in the event of a restoration, he was a stranger to any dynastic idea. Having always opted for the Republic. For love of freedom. Bonaparte freedom.

In La Liberté Bonaparte, he combines fascinating personal memories of the son of a princely family who "did May 68" and became involved in politics, in the Socialist Party and then in the MODEM, far from an authoritarian Napoleonic filiation, following, on the contrary, a Bonaparte (more than Bonapartist) commitment to freedom: "Fate caused me to be born into a family that has marked history. I thought I was an exception, but I discovered that many Bonapartes had experienced the same taste for freedom. "He draws up a subjective and very political inventory of the Napoleonic heritage, the best, that of the liberal Bonapartes, such as Lucien, "Plon-Plon", his ancestor, first cousin of Napoleon III, Marie Bonaparte...

Fidelity to the idea of freedom structures the itinerary of this Napoleon who became Bonaparte again. It made him reject the conservatism of his family environment and led him to the Ajaccio town hall where, as deputy mayor, he turned the Corsican roots of Napoleonic history towards the future, to a post as administrator of the United Nations in Nigeria, and to many other adventures. A vision of the world freed from the weight of myth and concerned with transmitting the ethics of freedom to better think the politics of tomorrow.

Author : Charles Bonaparte

Publisher : Grasset et Fasquelle

Date of publication March 17, 2021

Format :154 x 235 mm

Pages : 336

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