Destination Napoleon 2022

Napoleonic table games - Museum of Historical Figures, Calenzano, Italy


Saturday 8 2021 - Museum of Historical Figures, Calenzano, Italy.

Garden of the Castle or in the terrace of the castle tower.

Fun activity on a Napoleonic theme at different scales. From Waterloo as a board game to simulation with toy soldiers of different scales both at strategic and skirmish level. The audience can try to command a unit, a soldier or an entire army. This activity can be offered in video mode.

The figure of Napoleon and how his military activities contributed to the growth of a national consciousness in Italy will be framed through figurines and the exhibition of original finds of the period, paying attention to the contribution of the 113th Line Infantry Regiment, composed entirely of Italians and specifically of Tuscans.

Step-by-step tour, video clip, to discover particular aspects of the exhibition.

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