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Napoleon I revived Fontainebleau, which had been emptied after the Revolution but escaped destruction, to become an imperial residence. Furnished in order to receive Pope Pius VII, who was to take part in the coronation ceremony, the château was restored to its former glory in 1814: the inner and smaller apartments were richly and sumptuously furnished and the gardens of Diana and the Pines were remodelled. 

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The castle remains today very strongly linked to the figure of Napoleon as being in particular the scene of the first abdication and the Farewell to the Guard. Failed and exiled, he will remember it as the "true home of kings, the house of centuries. A visit to the castle allows you to discover the many facets of Napoleon,

statesman, warlord, head of the family as well as promoter of the arts. Today, the Château de Fontainebleau houses a museum dedicated to him, where you can see the sword and tunic from the coronation, the Emperor's famous bicorn, his campaign furniture and the cradle of the King of Rome.

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