Napoleon exhibition "from Waterloo to Saint Helena, the birth of the legend" - Waterloo Memorial 1815, Belgium

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From 5 May to 17 October 2021 - Waterloo 1815 Memorial, Belgium.

The Battle of Waterloo Memorial presents a major exhibition in connection with the bicentenary of the death of Napoleon I.

Composed of numerous pieces from major institutions and private collections and entitled "Napoleon: from Waterloo to Saint Helena, the birth of the legend".

The Napoleon Memorial Waterloo exhibition consists of original works of art, but also authentic objects. All of these pieces, which have survived the centuries, take us back 200 years to St Helena.

After an introductory space, the exhibition deals with four main subjects within chrono-thematic spaces.

The large spaces develop the period from the battle of Waterloo to the exile before evoking Napoleon's daily life at Longwood.

Beyond this exile on the island of Saint Helena, the themes of the battles through the pen and the image and an opening on the time of the hero - where Napoleon is raised to the status of mythical figure - complete the visit.

In total, more than a hundred authentic pieces are on display, some of them for the first time to the general public!

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