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The Second Battle of Dego took place on 14-15 April 1796 near Dego in northwestern Italy during the French Revolutionary Wars between French and Austro-Sardinian forces. Napoleon was trying to prevent the Austrian and Piedmontese armies from joining forces, and the victory at Dego allowed him to control the only route by which the two armies could have joined.

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This victory allowed Napoleon to reject the Austrian forces, to prevent the coalition from reuniting and to bring his battle corps against the Sardinian army of General Michelangelo Colli who, defeated on 21 April at the battle of Mondovi, demanded the end of the war. The strategy of successive engagements against fractions of the opposing army was therefore a complete success for the young general Bonaparte.

At the age of 28, he had already given part of Piedmont to France, founded two republics in Lombardy, and signed treaties with the sovereigns of Sardinia, Parma, Naples and Rome. He will soon continue his conquests and  will march on the capital of Austria.

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