Conference "Between Milan and Monza: the Napoleonic Court and its International Relations International Conference" - Milan, Palazzo Reale

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October 14 & 15, 2021 - Milan, Palazzo Reale.

This international conference will analyse various issues related to the presence of the Napoleonic court in Milan and Monza in the fields of politics, ceremonial, architecture and the arts, also in relation to what happened in Paris and the rest of Europe during those same years. The papers will be divided into three sections:

The first section is dedicated to the organization of the Milanese court and the adaptation of the royal residences in Milan and Monza to the new taste, with particular attention to the furnishings and works of art found there, testimonies of great importance for regional history and culture. The second section aims to highlight some of the protagonists of this fertile cultural period, from the high officials of the empire working in the King's Household to the architects and artists who placed their talents at the service of the new dynasty. Finally, the third section aims to analyse the vast production of decorative arts generated by the presence of the Viceroy's court, identifying the Italian and foreign factories that contributed to the high artistic quality of these Milanese residences.

This conference is organized by the Documentation Centre of the Royal Residences of Lombardy, the German Centre for Art History Paris and the Royal Palace of Milan, in collaboration with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan and the Politecnico di Milano and in partnership with the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities.

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