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The battle of Bailén was the culmination of the uprising in Andalusia against the French invader and the decisive Spanish victory marked not only the first major failure of Napoleon's armies, but also a real shock wave in European public opinion. Napoleon himself had to surrender and intervene in the peninsula to restore the situation. The reinforcements brought in at this time will undoubtedly be missed in other theatres of operation.

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In Bailén, it is possible to enjoy the recreation of the Battle of Baylén, an exceptional historical event from the period of the Spanish War of Independence, in the very place where the battle took place. Various local groups, as well as others from the national and European territory,

recreate the morning of Tuesday, July 19, 1808, during which the French troops were defeated for the very first time. Cultural, historical, entertaining and gastronomic activities are also addressed to the general public, around themes such as tradition, shows, skirmishes or the market of the time.

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