Presentation of the documentary "Wellington's First Line" - Mealhada, Portugal


Saturday, May 8, 2021 - Mealhada, Portugal.

It is an original film made by a local director, covering historical events that took place in the three municipalities. By revealing the impact of the French invasions in the territories of Mealhada, Penacova and Mortágua, the documentary contributes to a better understanding of the region, the importance of preserving the memory and to attract new tourist flows. 

The film will be presented in its Portuguese version. Versions with subtitles and voiceover in English and French are also available, making it easier to understand for the blind and hearing impaired.

The film will be presented at a public ceremony in the three territories during May 2021, the bicentennial of Napoleon Bonaparte's death and the birthdays of Arthur Wellesley and André Massena.

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